Our global reach

Our global industry specialists and extensive network are able to find the right person for the right role time and time again.

Our global reach

Witt/Kieffer International offers clients reach across the globe, with specific market knowledge across USA, UK and Europe, Southeast Asia and North Asia.

For all searches, clients have a dedicated account manager from Witt/Kieffer International who acts as a single point of contact. The account manager seamlessly coordinates the search process where multiple international locations and time zones are involved.

Our parent company

Witt/Kieffer serves organisations in the healthcare, higher education and life science sectors. Our clients have relied on Witt/Kieffer for 45 years to identify leaders with the best mix of skills, experience, vision and character to fulfil their missions. For them and for us, executive search is about much more than filling a chair – it’s about bringing great leadership to your organisation.