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The University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht recently established the Utrecht Trial Innovation Alliance Initiative (U-TRIAL). U-TRIAL facilitates the close cooperation of the 12 divisions and six priority fields of UMC Utrecht with Julius Clinical (the Academic Research Organization affiliated with UMC Utrecht) and external partners, including industry and governmental organizations.

U-TRIAL is designed to strengthen the UMC Utrecht’s pursuit of ambitious goals in clinical trials, notably phase 2b, 3 and 4, in its six priority fields: Circulatory Health, Brain, Cancer, Infections & Immunity, Regenerative Medicine and Child Health. In each of these areas an experienced trialist will act as a clinical trial generator. In addition, a clinical trial methodology group has been created, specializing in innovative design, analysis and reporting of trials.

The Director will lead U-TRIAL to develop and implement an innovative clinical trials portfolio with both scientific and healthcare global impact. Emphasis will be on international late phase clinical outcome trials and emerging post-registration randomized trials. The director will chair the management team, consisting of six senior clinical trialists, the Chief Scientific Officer of Julius Clinical and the professor of Clinical Trial Methodology.

We seek an internationally recognized and established clinical scientist with a substantial publication record on late phase clinical trials in leading peer-reviewed journals, and academic achievements qualifying for professorship. Applicants should have leadership and documented expertise in the design and conduct of clinical trials, as well as knowledge of the regulatory environment for clinical trials. We invite applications from candidates with proven leadership skills, with special competency to provide leadership in national and international networks and collaborative setting, and the capability to manage a large and diverse portfolio of trials.

How to Apply:

Enquiries or applications can be made, in confidence, to Natalie Derry on +44 7408 851 596 / natalied@wittkiefferccentric.com or Holly Lithgow on +44 7408 836 145 / hollyl@wittkiefferccentric.com

Download the Director of U-TRIAL information pack here